Life and Fate

Seeking livelihood is one of the hardest thing that faces citizen of many countries. Egypt is one of them, it has a high population growth, and people needs to emigrate to another country so they can find a good job and a better life. They come to Kuwait seeking for jobs so they can take care of their families.
In this project, I decided to work with an Egyptian worker who’s job is at the Arabian Gulf Street.

Abu Waleed came to Kuwait before three years, his destiny lead him to work as an ice cream cart man in one of the arabian gulf beaches. Abu Waleed answered kindly when I asked him if I can talk to him regarding my project and take some photos while he’s working. In our conversation he mentioned that he is a father of two sons, and that at the beginning it was very difficult to accept the situation but through time it becomes easier especially because the Egyptian community is huge in Kuwait.

At the end, it was obviously that he’s a good pure person that handles difficult time in order to provide his family with a fair life and that life is too hard sometimes but we should always fight to make our lives much better.


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